My name is Christian Perl. I am an expert in the design, organization and facilitation of lively, participatory events, workshops and trainings. My special passion is the facilitation of large groups and the design of participative conference and workshops.

What is important to me:

In my work I am especially interested in how diverse people and organizations can work together in order to create something relevant and new. It is important to me that all participants are really involved in the process and are enabled to speak. In my opinion, sustainable solutions are especially possible if they are born by all those involved. All the participants are seen as equal and worthy, so it is not the power of the faster and the stronger that decides.

I advise and assist people and organizations in addressing their specific challenges. It would be a great pleasure and honor for me to design your individual event and seminar program together with you.

Main topics of my work are:

design and facilitation of lively, participative conferences, workshops und trainings especially for:

  • social topics, teams und organizations,
  • homeless sector,
  • migration und integration,
  • Inclusion of people with disabilities
  • development and networking in the social community
  • practice-oriented scientific cooperation esp. housing research

I am an expert in :

  • Art of Hosting: lively, participative conferences, workshops und trainings
  • Design und facilitation of large groups: Open Space, World Café, Pro Action Café, Circle und many others
  • Trainings in organizations: Collective Story Harvesting, Appreciative Inquiry, communication- conflict- und facilitation- trainings
  • Design and facilitation of co-creating events: cooperation of diverse stakeholders for creating societal innovations
  • EU-projects: design, application and co-ordination in the social field