Pro Action Café

The Pro Action Café supports people with concrete questions or project ideas. It is a moderation method that is particularly suitable for middle groups of 12 to 30 participants. The setting is similar to the World Café: In 3 alternating roundtables relevant and powerful key questions or specific concerns of the participants are dealt with at tables of 4-5 persons. Unlike the World Café, Pro Action Café lends itself to processes where many participants strive for action without everyone having to discuss the same thing. During a Pro Action Café a quarter of the participants has the opportunity to table their concern or their project idea.

The Pro Action Café can be described as a structured consultation process. The goal is to use the wisdom of the whole group to bring more clarity to a question and finally to know the next elegant step for my project.

For the selection of concerns, a 30-minute dialogue circle or a market place with subsequent harvesting of the topics has proven to be very useful, especially in team conclaves.