On this page I introduce you to a selection of participatory moderation methods that have proven useful for moderation of small, medium and large groups.

I would be happy to advise you personally which method is the best to achieve your specific goals.

short description
suitable for
small groups¹medium groups²large groups³
Activating SurveyMethod of community work for activating residentsxxx
Wisdom CouncilInstrument for citizen partizipationxx
Collective Story HarvestingMutual learning from good practice storiesxxx
DialogueHighly effective communication method based on the absolute equality of all participants. Especially suitable for strategic and creative thinking processesxxx
Dynamic FacilitationMethod especially for difficult or deadlocked situations and socio-politically relevant issuesxxx
Fish BowlVery dynamic method especially for dialogue in larger groups with an inner- und an outer circlexx
Focus GroupPre-structured group interview to obtain answersx
Open SpaceRoom for open, sparsely pre-structured discussions with high personal responsibility of the participantsxx
Pro Action CaféWorld Café setting suitable especially for groups where several participants are simultaneously seeking answers for varied concerns or projects, when not all have to discuss the same thing at the same timexx
Knowledge CaféWorld Café where the acquisition of knowledge is in the foregroundx
World CaféVery effective method suitable for groups of 12 or more. The talks are conducted in a pleasant café atmosphere on tables for 4-5 people each. Usually 3 rounds with defined questions and changing participants after each roundxx

¹up to 12-15 persons
²from 12 to 30 persons
³over 30 persons