Design, organisation and facilitation of  lively, participatory conferences, workshops and seminars

Credits: BAWO CONFRENCE 2016, FACILITation: Christian Perl | PHOTO ©Heidmarie Supper

The art of asking good questions stands at the beginning of every successful event. What are we really talking about? What are the goals, what is the spirit and purpose of the event? For whom and in what context does it take place? How can we make our event powerful and creative?

Together with you I explore these and other questions and create an individual design for you. A realizable time and implementation plan is part of this design. Through my experience, I can suggest the appropriate methods, implement your ideas and goals and secure your results appropriately. If you wish, I can help you find the right venue and to create space and atmosphere.

My Offer:

  • symposia and conferences
  • Meetings
  • Wide range of methods according to the size of the group (small, medium or large groups)
  • Facilitation-, communication- and conflict seminars
  • focus groups
  • Community work: planning workshops, residents’ meetings, future forums

Did I arouse your interest? Contact me, I will gladly advise you on your topic