Dialogue is a highly effective moderation process that can be successfully used as a strategic tool in groups. A dialogue brings about changes on two levels at the same time: Firstly, important topics and concerns of the group can be dealt with in a very practical and tangible way. Secondly, dialogue is a concrete way of fundamentally transforming deadlocked communication patterns in groups into positive ones.

In the conversational form of the dialogue, the contribution of each group member is considered indispensable for the further development of the group or organization. This is where a dialogue differs from other forms of discussion we know: in dialogue based on the absolute equality of all participants, everyone can communicate without being interrupted. The focus is on listening to each other. Own opinions are held in abeyance until a common process of thought emerges in which the collective knowledge of the group becomes visible.

This is in contrast to the well-known, often meaningful, but often frustrating forms of discussion in which we try to enforce our individual opinion through argumentation and usually the power of the strongest applies. Discussions make sense when it comes to speeding up decision-making processes or when a critical discussion of specific topics is required.

For creative processes, for strategy or vision developments, for solving difficult problems, or when communication in a group does not work, dialogue offers the opportunity to make the knowledge available in the group visible and usable. “¹

What is dialogue?

Dialogue is a method in which several people come together to share their thoughts on a topic and to listen to the thoughts of others until a common new sense of purpose arises through common thinking.

What is dialogue particularly suitable for?

  • Dialogue can make your meetings creative and efficient
  • Dialogue will facilitate joint thinking on creative and strategic issues of your group
  • Because of the slowdown, dialogue is also excellent for improving stuck communication in groups

How does it work?

“During dialogue participants sit in a circle, they usually work with a speech symbol and conversation develops out of the middle. Questions and contributions are addressed to the whole group, silence and slowdown are essential elements. By slowing down, the participants can better perceive which conversation is developing in their interior “²